Become an Expert: Guide on the Best Newbuilds of Kyiv and Suburban Area – Economy, Comfort, Business and Elite Class Residential Property.


You must admit that not many people can identify themselves as real estate experts. Especially with no prior experience to deal with related issues, or due to renting apartments for a long time. However, when such occasion comes, you have to become some kind of an expert for yourself and for your close ones.

Today we’ll try to help you by telling about different segments of residential property available in Kyiv and its suburb. We also are going to talk about the best newbuilds of the capital city in those very segments.

1. Economy Class Residential Property

Some of the distinguishing features of an apartment in an economy class new housing development would be:

  • number of stories – 9 to 18 floors, up to 8 apartments per stairwell per floor;
  • not-too-high ceilings – 2.5-2.7 m2 (8.2 – 8.85 feet);
  • simplicity and elegance of floor plans and general project;
  • floor space of one-room and two-room apartments is from 35 to 60 square meters (377 to 645 square feet);
  • the price of the property depends on its parameters and floor level.

Besides that, Economy Class apartments don’t have any additional facilities, such as one more restroom or a closet. As for the building and complex amenities, here you may lack parking spaces, the territory has neither fencing nor security.

Nevertheless, that’s one of the most popular segments of residential property, due to its affordability. It’s the best choice for youth, working people, and young families.

Popular newbuilds: RC “Campus”, RC “Navigator”, RC “ Varshavskyi Mikrorayon”, RC “Medovyi”, RC “La-La-Land”, RC “Uyutnyi Kvartal”, RC “Myli Kvartyry”, RC “Sofia”.

2. Comfort Class

Comfort class resident complex or apartment can be defined by the following characteristics:

  • convenient location: transportation junction, bus stops, shops and stores, schools and kindergartens, parks and public gardens nearby;
  • construction technologies of a higher quality – cast-in-place technology instead of unit construction;
  • 8-10 apartments per floor; not only 1-, 2-, 3-room apartments, but also more sophisticated floor plans: duplexes, two-level apartments and other options;
  • construction in shell conditions, utility systems, waterproofed sanitary facilities, plastering, bonded screed;
  • secured compound with all amenities. Greenery, sports grounds and playgrounds for kids, parking zone, convenient internal infrastructure.

Popular newbuilds: RC “Autograph”, RC “Urban Park”, Residential Area “Rybalsky”, RC “Happy House”, RC “Сomfort Town”, RC “Metropolis”, RC “Pokrovskyi”, RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Sofiyivska Borshchagivka.

3. Business Class

How are business class newbuilds different from, say, comfort class newbuilds? Let’s have a close look:

  • such houses are usually built in the city center or close to its most comfortable spots: metro, leisure areas, parks, lakes, developed infrastructure;
  • high construction standards only: cast-in-place framework, red brick or conventional brick, environmental materials in finishing, insulation and decoration;
  • variety of floor plans, including penthouses, apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows, etc.; 4 to 6 apartments per floor;
  • kindergarten or school within the resident complex;
  • independent maintenance service and concierge in a serviced hall of the building;
  • security and video surveillance 24/7 on a limited-access territory;
  • greenery, landscaping, leisure zones, modern playgrounds for children and sportsgrounds;
  • parking lots for guests and underground parking zone.

Popular newbuilds: RC “Manhattan City”, RC “Time”, RC “RiverStone”, RC “Novopecherski Lypky”, RC “Frantsuzskyi Kvartal 2”, RC “Sofia Residence”, RC “Crystal Avenue”.

4. Elite Class

So, what should an elite house be like to meet the standards of “the best newbuilds in Kyiv”?

  • prestigious and most convenient location in the center of the city and its most beautiful parts;
  • new and long-lasting construction technologies; natural expensive materials in finishing; attention to quality and design;
  • open terraces, presentable lobby, reception, comfortable public spaces with amenities – leisure halls, waiting areas, etc.;
  • full maintenance of the building, special premises for personnel and cleaning services;
  • spacious apartments, not more than 4 apartments per floor;
  • highest safety level, security 24/7, video surveillance, multi-level entry system;
  • exclusive design project of the territory – beautification, green spaces, fountains, and other hardscape elements.

Popular newbuilds: Clubhouse “LA MANCHE”, RC “Park Avenue VIP”, RC “Bulvar Fontaniv”, RC “Сrystal House”, RC “Taryan Towers”, RC “Tetris Hall”, RC “Royal Tower”, RC “PecherSKY”.

“NovaBudova” company offers residential property of several segments: ranging from comfort to business class in Kyiv, and from comfort class to elite in Lviv. If you have any questions, or you’re looking for an apartment to buy, we’re always happy to assist you and offer the best option!